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Civil Appeal

A loss in the trial court is not the end of the road for your case. There are several issues that can arise in the course of a civil lawsuit that provide grounds for appellate relief. For instance, there are sometimes jurisdictional issues, such as where a judgment is entered against a party even though they were never properly served with the lawsuit. Additionally, summary judgment rulings, orders granting motions to dismiss, incorrect jury instructions, evidence issues and ... Read More >>>>

Criminal Appeal

Criminal defendants are entitled to broad protections under the United States Constitution. A trial court’s failure to recognize these rights often results in the reversal of the conviction on appeal. Illegal searches and seizures, due process violations, and court or prosecutorial conduct that deprives the accused of a speedy trial are just a few of the constitutional rights that can defeat a conviction. If the court allowed your rights to be violated, then you should file an appeal or a petition for a writ of habeas corpus ... Read More >>>>

Family Law Appeals

It is common for a material change in circumstances to occur over time after a judgment in a divorce or child custody case. People change jobs, lose jobs, move to new homes, develop new lifestyle habits for better or worse, and otherwise modify living conditions. When these changes have a substantial effect on a person’s need for alimony or child support, or ability to pay a support obligation or exercise child custody, the court is charged with determining whether to modify the parties’ obligations. If the court fails to consider ... Read More >>>>

Medical Malpractice Appeals

After years of pain and suffering through no fault of your own, and the stress that comes with complex litigation, the jury returns a defense verdict or your medical malpractice case is thrown out on a technicality. Or perhaps you won a huge jury award, but now the doctor’s lawyers have filed an appeal. In either case, an attorney who excels at trial and litigation in the lower court is not necessarily qualified to handle an appeal. Appellate advocacy requires a vastly different set of skills. If you are serious about protecting your rights, then you should consult with an attorney who concentrates in appellate practice ... Read More >>>>

Divorce Appeal

No judge enjoys rendering a decision in a contested divorce trial. But, when the parties are unable to agree, the court must make several rulings subject to appeal on alimony, monetary awards and property division, child custody and visitation, sanctions, attorneys’ fees and other matters. Given the number of issues generated in such a hotly contested and emotionally volatile setting, it is not uncommon for courts to misapply the law or overlook crucial facts. If this occurred in your case ... Read More >>>>

Child Custody Appeal

A court must consider a myriad of factors when determining what custodial arrangement protects the best interests of the child. Issues such as whether a party’s ability to care for the child is hindered by substance abuse, the adequacy of a party’s living conditions, the tendency of a party to disparage the other party within earshot of the child, and other factors are supposed to be considered by the court when determining the best interests of the child. The failure of a judge to consider ... Read More >>>>

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